Netflix Discontinues Free Mobile Plan in Kenya

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Netflix has announced the discontinuation of its free mobile plan in Kenya, ending a two-year run which allowed users to access a quarter of Netflix's shows and movies for free, without being served ads.

"We definitely learnt a lot from the test," a Netflix spokesperson told Reuters. "We are going to continue to offer a variety of other plans." 

However, the Netflix's spokesperson didn't disclose much details or say the number of subscribers it had amassed or how the scheme will help it to get new paying subscribers.

With the free plan ending on November 1, viewers were able to watch Western-produced movies and TV shows such as "Money Heist", "Army of the Dead" and "Bridgerton", and African series like "Blood and Water." 

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The American streaming giant is rolling out an ad-supported plan at £4.99 (about $6.09) per month, though it availability in Kenya is yet to be confirmed. 

Emerging economies like Kenya present significant growth for potential streaming services, they also pose challenges affecting purchasing power due to inflation and other economic factors.

Meanwhile, the competition between Netflix and Amazon to capture the African streaming audience remains fierce. Netflix is intensifying its efforts by creating locally produced content and collaborating with regional telecom companies to streamline payments, all aimed at expanding its user base.

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