You can now access Windows OS on iPad, iPhones, Macs, and Web browsers

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Microsoft has developed a versatile Windows App compatible with iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Windows, and web browsers. Acting as a centralized hub, it allows users to stream Windows from various sources, including remote PCs, Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, Microsoft Dev Box, and Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services.

The Windows App supports multiple monitors, custom display resolutions, scaling, and device redirection for peripherals like webcams, storage devices, and printers. While the preview version excludes Android users, Microsoft is exploring broader availability beyond business accounts, hinting at potential consumer access in the future. Although the sign-in prompt suggests personal Microsoft Accounts can be used, this feature is not currently operational.

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While Microsoft has a history of remote PC connection apps, the introduction of a dedicated "Windows App" suggests a potential shift towards cloud-based Windows experiences. Following the formation of a web-focused Windows team, Microsoft's ambition to transition Windows to the cloud is evident, especially with its recent emphasis on AI-powered web services in Windows 11.

Recent developments, such as web-powered features in Windows 11 and Microsoft's goal to bring Windows fully to the cloud, as revealed in the FTC v. Microsoft hearing, indicate a strategic move towards offering consumers cloud-based access to Windows apps on non-Microsoft operating system devices. The Windows App may be a pivotal step in realizing this vision.

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