Telegram New Update Brings Voice Transcription to all Users

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Telegram Voice Transcription
Telegram Voice Transcription

Telegram has rolled out a comprehensive update for both Android and iOS users, introducing a plethora of exciting features. A notable change is the accessibility of voice transcriptions to all users, breaking away from the previous subscription model. While Premium subscribers relish unlimited transcriptions, non-paying users are granted the ability to transcribe two messages weekly, providing a valuable feature even for those on a budget.

One of the prominent additions is the introduction of Similar Channels, a feature designed to simplify the process of discovering new channels of interest. It generates suggestions based on similarities in subscriber bases, facilitating users in finding like-minded communities. This enhancement is a strategic move by Telegram to enhance user engagement and broaden community interactions.

Telegram Similar Channel
Telegram Similar Channel

Furthermore, the update includes an innovative way to boost the audience for favorite channels or loved ones by allowing users to repost stories on their own pages. This feature allows users to add diverse content like text, audio, or video messages to the reposted stories, enhancing the storytelling experience within the Telegram community.

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A key aspect of the update is the performance statistics view, providing users with insights into the reach and impact of their stories. This includes metrics such as story views, shares, and reactions, offering valuable data for content creators and channel administrators to gauge their content's effectiveness.

On the cosmetic front, Telegram Premium users now have the ability to set wallpapers for individual chats, creating a more personalized and visually appealing communication experience. Premium users can also elevate the aesthetics of their profile pages by customizing them with unique color and logo combinations.

For iOS users, a whimsical animation has been introduced. Messages set to auto-delete after a designated time now undergo a playful vaporization, creating a pixel explosion effect that adds a touch of amusement to the overall user experience.

While these updates bring substantial improvements, it's worth noting that the voice transcription feature is gradually rolling out and may not be immediately available to all users. Nevertheless, this update showcases Telegram's commitment to enhancing user experiences, fostering community engagement, and providing a feature-rich messaging platform. Users can delve into the detailed list of updates on Telegram's official blog for a comprehensive overview of the latest enhancements.

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