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 If you have any question, inquiry that you want to make or any contribution then feel free to contact us using the below portals and we would attend to it as soon as we can.

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  1. Hi, this is Kenn for Philippines.
    I have been using Free Internet for about a decade but the thing is, i am just depending on skilled hackers to release their Free Net tricks so i decided to search about it and do it on my own. im seeking for tutorial and i ended up with your Blog. you were the only one who discussed free net tricks that i have been using so i guess you can help me. im reading your blogs until i get stucked on downloading your pdf file about tracing proxy for free internet not just because i am using UC Mini Handler browser, i also tried downloading it in computer but i ended up with page full of ads... can i ask for a copy of that? ill promise i will not sell it or do something stupid about it, im just urged to learn more about this because i also want to share this tricks to my fellow students who cant afford to spend money for internet subscriptions. can you tell me more of this ISP Flaws? ill be grateful for that. Looking forward for your response :)
    gmail: [email protected]

  2. Hi there. Please add me to your whatsapp group. 27613766951

  3. need new free internet in Zambia
    WhatsApp 0950166029

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  5. hi pappihex there any trick to tunisia u say on telegram to contact you

  6. I am Bangladeshi. my name is sojib.
    need help for free net.
    Bangladesh is no free net.
    no free net experts my country.
    free host my country

  7. Hi. Any tricks for MTC Namibia. Plz add me to ur whatsapp group +264812295737


  8. Hi. Any tricks for Airtel Malawi or TNM Plz add me to ur whatsapp group +265999922997

  9. any new mtn free trick # zambia

  10. Hie there pappi,
    Been using free internet through free website plus port method and now when i try to do access the free net again the connection is reset by the server again.

    So i just need any enlightment on how i can bypass it??

    1. hi i tried to use free internet but i failed but if u know any trick of using free browsing please help me out ?

  11. Ethiopia plz too many students are trying to get a free host

  12. HI.
    please add me to your whatsapp group. +27641493970

  13. Pliz Any free internet trick for Zimbabwe

  14. Pappi hex can you please help us Zambians with free unlimited Internet has been a long time since u posted for Zambia. Please help us.

  15. Is there any trick @ kenya safaricom

  16. can you make a trick for ethiopia (ethiotelecom) so i think there is no free proxies and i am sure there is no free page please help

  17. New free chat service in Cameroon, no data charges!


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