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 Airtel again? Well its the magic weekend and Airtel seems to be trending these days with so many loop on its network and i think after i make this post, i would engage more people and collect the necessary info for more tricks.

 This free internet trick on Airtel browses unlimited though you have to be cautious and take note of your download and data usage. This free internet trick uses the home page method which is probably one of the easy forms of getting free internet (you can click here for the tutorials).

 There's a current Airtel free internet trick that is working on Netify and hammer vpn but it suddenly started disconnecting almost every two minute but i would would update you guys when we stabilize it with a better port. Sorry i forgot to mention, this trick is for Airtel Indian users and please i would want you guys to comment with your state.

1. An Airtel Simcard
2. Custom web browser or maybe Ucweb browser
3. Please ensure that the Airtel sim card doesn't have credit balance or data on it

1.  First you can download the Ucweb browser  (I recommend Ucweb web when the custom browser refuses you connection)
2. Make a new configuration settings with the proxies below and then save it and make it your default settings
3. Go to your default browser and make as your home page or any one from the list of the home pages below.
4. Now when you visit your custom browser and click on home page, it would open and then you would see a space where you can enter your site address. Now type it there, browse and download.

  For Ucweb:
Open Ucweb browser and then go to the settings, select cloud boost and untick everything and ok it.
Now you can visit in the browser and browser through any site.

  Note: Like i said before, you have to take note of your data usage and make sure that you reset you proxy and home with another once it gets close 80mb usage.

Home pages:,,, etc....

Please share this content and feel free to ask me questions relating to this topic!

Note: All post made here are for educational purpose only, you are solely responsible on how you apply them to suite you!

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