Free Igb 4G internet on Vodafone India 2016

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 Vodafone is dishing out free 1gb for its users who have the 4g sim card. It doesn't matter if you have credit balance or not all that is required is for you to go to a Vodafone outlet and get a sim card so as to be able to enjoy this freebies. This post is actually meant for the Vodafone users in India
1.  First you need a Vodafone but if you don't have one then go to a nearby Centre to get it for free
2. A 4G mobile phone

     Procedures to get the free Data:
1. Go to message and text GET to 144
2. After sending the message, you will then get a reply like this; "Hello, Promotion applied to your 4G number successfully”
3. Next you will receive a message that 1GB 4G internet data has been activated 
4.  Now you can then open your browser and start browsing for free!

Note: Please note that the free data lasts for only 3 days and the offer can only be activated 1 per sim.  

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