Airtel Psiphon/Droid vpn free internet trick

 Airtel is blazing real fast on Droid vpn, Psiphon, netify etc. Airtel seems to be blazing real fast with different configurations settings.

 This free internet trick is for Airtel Indian users and it works on different tunneling apps depending on the app you love to use. This tricks works on both Android and PC and next i would be making the South African free internet post for MTN and then maybe one of these East African countries. So guys follow the below settings and enjoy.

1. An Airtel simcard
2. An Android device or a PC
3. A tunneling app
4. Ensure that you are running on zero credit balance and mb.

How to get the free Internet:
 Download either Psiphon or droid vpn
 On Droid vpn
1. Install and register
2. Open the app, login and then go to protocol
3. Select tcp as your protocol
4. Make port 80 as your tcp port(the port varies according to region, if 80 doesnt connect the use 443 etc)
5. Go to http headers and input this:
now save and connect and enjoy free internet

 For Psiphon Users:
 Remove port: Tick
 Make your proxy server:
 Proxy port:8080
Now save and need for custom settings

I was making this post in a haste and so i would update details and screenshot later


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    1. I will make the post soon for both including safaricom

  2. Hello,kindly inbox me free internet settings for

  3. Pappi we are waiting for kenya man. Thanks though

  4. Thanks for share your kind information . this trick is working in Grameenphone in Babgladesh .

    GP Free Net Pc & Android By Droid Vpn 2017


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