Crazy free unlimited free internet on Psiphon and Open Vpn August for Philippine Globe,Sun and Smart

Pappi Hex

This is crazy but its real and blazing! Free unlimited internet browsing and blazing for free on three network with the same simple settings.

 Today we would be discussing free internet trick on Globe, Sun and Smart network in Philippine. This trick works on both Psiphon handler and Openvpn and browses and downloads for free on all three networks mentioned above though it also works on a third network called TNT but it not quite stable. Without taking much of your time, quickly follow the below steps and enjoy.

1. Android device
2. You should have zero credit balance on your simcard so as to confirm this trick
3. A vpn app which i would be mentioning

1. Download Psiphon handler or Openvpn app (I would be providing both links later) i recommend Psiphon more but in terms of battery, you can go for open vpn
2. Now after downloading any of the apps, Click here to download XP VPN
3. Now install XP VPN ( I believe that by now you must have installed either your Psiphon or Open vpn)
4. Now open your XP VPN and then select any server and then select either Psiphon or OpenVpn and then connect and enjoy unlimited free internet as seen in the screenshots below!

Globe Users can set their access point this way:
Name: TechMilitant
Now save and connect

Note: All post here are for educational purpose and so TechMilitant wont be held liable for your actions

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