Whatsapp not as secured as you think on iPhone

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 Earlier this year, Whatsapp made an announcement that it would encrypt all users data but a researcher  differs on that.

 The researcher,  Zdziarki said that he found traces of Whatsapp deleted chats on Whatsapp version on iOS which can be merge back to form a conversation even if the they were cleared or archived.

  Speaking from his blog, Zdziarski said that Apple's iMessage app also suffered from the same problem and the only way to truly dispose the chats is to delete Whatsapp from your device. Still, Zdziarski urged users not to panic but they should be aware of law enforcement agents who might try to muscle their way to access peoples privacy. But Zdziarski was also concerned about some other implications . He said,

" Software authors should be sensitive to forensic trace in their coding. The design choices they make when developing a secure messaging app has critical implications for journalists, political dissenters, those in countries that don’t respect free speech, and many others. A poor design choice could quite realistically result in innocent people – sometimes people crucial to liberty – being imprisoned".

 Message coding came to light to protect privacy after Edward Snowden leaked secret documents about the US National Security Agency's appetite for gathering people's digital data.

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