North Korean Team rejects Samsung S7 Complimentary gifts at the Olympics Competition

Pappi Hex

 Just days before the Olympic 2016 Summer competition in Rio, Samsung announced a limited edition of the Galaxy S7 Edge to give to the Olympians in the competition. They said that 12,500 pieces of the phones would be given to the athletes.
 According to Radio free Asia, North Korea refused the gift and also prevented its athletes from claiming the complimentary devices. Samsung said one of the top managers of the North Korean team collected the 31 smartphones but failed to deliver then to the athletes.To confirm the reports, Kim Song I, a competitor in the women's North Korean team was asked if they were given the devices but she silently shake her head.
 North Korea and its Southern neighbours, South Korea have been at logger heads ever since the war separated the two. This move is not strange since Samsung devices originates from South Korea.

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