Samsung to start selling refurbished Smartphones early 2017

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In a bid to cut the price on its expensive smart phones, Samsung is set to introduce a refurbished device programme early next year so as to make its gadgets affordable.

  According to Reuters, Samsung would introduce a refurbished device programme early next year and would use inventory provided by customers who sign up to a year programme in market where the programme would be offered.

What are refurbished Phones?
Refurbished phones are those phones that have been sold out but returned back due to some reasons. Now these phones are put back to shape and then resold. Don't get it wrong, most refurbished phones are as good as new and never had any issue at all but the policy still lies the same. Once a buyers opens the wrapped product, it is most likely to be sold as a refurbished product
 This move by Samsung could help foster the sales of premium devices to a much larger audience who cant afford it at the initial price.  That the sale of refurbished devices could boost the sales of newer devices because the urge and taste would be high.

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