Airtel India free internet trick on Hammer and Troid vpn for PC and Android

Pappi Hex
 Those on the Airtel  network in India can enjoy free unlimited internet with these settings. This free internet trick works on Android and Pc and the speed is fast depending on the strength of your network in your location.

 I have two settings for this free internet and i believe that both of them should connect because this trick is currently working as at the time of this post. Users are limited to daily 100 mb usage each on both vpn (Hammer & Troid) but this free internet connection can be made unlimited when the user upgrades to a premium account. Simply follow my settings below and get the free internet.

1. An Airtel simcard 
2. An Android or pc
3. Tunneling apps to make the free conection

Hammer Vpn configuration:
1. Click here to download Hammer vpn
2. Open the app and configure it this way:
 Connection protocol: UDP
 Rport : 9201
 Lport:  0
Now select any server, connect and get free internet.

Troid vpn free internet configurations:
1. Click here to download troid vpn if you dont have
2. Now open the and leave the space for username and password the way it is.
3. Now select any server and then configure troid vpn this way:
     Connection protocol: TCP
     Rport : 443

     Lport:  0
4. Now Click on advance and configure this way:
    Tick use proxy for TCP connection
    Proxy Host:
    Proxy: 3128
    Header: or or 
   5. Now save and then connect and enjoy free internet

Airtel free internet trick for September 2016. 3g free internet Airtel

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