South African Free unlimited internet trick update on XP VPN

Pappi Hex

  Hello guys, its been a while since we 've discussed South African free internet trick on this blog. The last time we discussed South African free internet trick was in July this year and so we want to make up for those times that were left out.

 I have been working on some free internet trick configurations for 5 south African networks along another network in a different country (Not the regular one that you guys would be expecting) and so far its yielding success and soon it would be released latest this week. Those networks are CellC, MTN, Telkom, Vodafone and Virgin mobile but i might just come out with a few depending on my success.
Connection so far
 This free internet trick configuration would be more focused on South Africa and i just hope that it delivers and last long enough. This free internet stuff is tricky and crooked, believe me there are some free internet tricks that has always been existing and still existing till now that i cant release. I dont gain anything keeping them underground but i strongly believe it would cause more harm than good. Sorry if some of you are getting angry about this but its not always all about payback to those ISP's.

  Still on the free internet trick, i urge those that would be interested to have the below requirements:
1. An Android device ( Root and unrooted)
2. A South African Sim (The network doesn't matter for now)
3. XP VPN but if you dont have then click here link 1 or click here link 2 to download one

Note: This post is for educational purpose only. TechMilitant wont be held liable for your actions!

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  1. Pappi pls the update. Is it tomorow? And how many are you going to drop.

  2. How to connect xp psiphon with PC? Please help

  3. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. Keep me more updating.
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