Mirai: Fears of Massive Net attack as H*ckers releases the largest and deadliest DDoS code online

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 Some h*ckers have released online a computer code used in one of the biggest web attack ever seen. Code named the "Mirai", Web Security experts fear that the source code will do more harm than good and might even impel more attacks that would knock sites offline.

 Tech security blogger, Brian Krebs believes that the release of the Mirai source code "virtually guaranteed" that more attacks would be seen on a large scale and be common. Late September, Brian Krebs site was attacked with more than 620gb of data per second and it is widely believed that the Mirai botnet was used in that attack.

 Similar attack was carried out on a French firm OVH and this time, a huge inflow of data over 1 terabit per second rocked the site!

 Researches carried out by security firms suggests that both attacks carried out on Krebs and OVH managed to generate so much data by seeking out insecure devices that can be controlled through the internet. Such devices like the webcams, thermostats and a horde of other gadgets contributed to it. Those owning compromised gadgets could see their browsing speeds slow significantly as their home net connection is used to send data attack.

 Investigations after the attack suggests that the DDoS attacks aimed at Mr Krebs and OVH only used a fraction of the total number of devices on those botnets. It is believed that the Mirai botnet controls more that 1.2 million vulnerable devices.

H*acker release DDoS attack code on Krebs and OVH sites, DDoS attack Mirai code

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  1. We are going to the dark age. But it the attacks would be channeled towards the betterment of the masses then well and good.

    1. True.. but i doubt if anything good comes out of a DDoS attack.

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