Privacy Issues: Whatsapp dares India, Disobeys Court orders, continues to share user data

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 Whatsapp's decision to share user data with Facebook had sparked the anger of different countries. Some months ago, privacy groups in the US called for the data sharing between Whatsapp and Facebook to be stopped.

 The fight on privacy is getting tough. Last week an India Delhi High Court ordered Whatsapp to delete all user data collected from those who opted out of the company's new privacy policy which allowed it to share user data to Facebook. The Court gave Whatsapp a deadline of September 25 to do so but reports coming from Mashables speaks a different thing.  Marshables however claims that Whatsapp has no plans to comply with the orders as it says that it will have "no impact on the planned policy and terms of service updates."

 Yesterday, the German government also ordered Whatsapp to stop collecting user data and sharing with Facebook. They also ordered Whatsapp to delete all its users information it already had in its data base. Whatsapp on the other hand, claims that exchanging information between Whatsapp and Facebook would only improve the user experience and all the messages sent to and fro are all encrypted. So far Whatsapp says it will appeal the case in Court.

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