Canadian Army recruitment site hacked and redirected to Chinese Government site

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Last week the Canadian Armed Forces recruitment website was h*cked and visitors were been redirected to the Chinese government official website, CBC News said.
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 According to CBC News, those trying to access the Canadian website were redirected to where statements about Chinese government and their activities were displayed. The Canadian site was later taken down.

 One of the Canadian officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity said that the servers at the Department of National Defense were not compromised in the attack.
   Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale described the incident as serious when he spoke to news reporters.
"This is a serious matter," Minister Ralph Goodale told reporters. "We don't want to jump to conclusions, but when something of this nature happens ... we treat it with real gravity, and we'll investigate it. That process is underway right now."

The spokesman for the Canadian Defense ministry, Ashley Lemire confirmed the attack but added that there was no information in regards to those who carried out the attack.
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 Canada is no stranger to Cyber attacks. In June 2015, h*ckers shut off several of the Canadian government websites from been accessed. Later the h*ck group Anonymous claimed responsibility for the attack saying that it was a payback for the former Conservative government's surveillance legislation, Bill C-51.

H*ckers brings down Canadian Army recruitment site

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