New iOS video bug crashes any iPhone device -- follow this tip to protect your iPhone

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 A new bug has been discovered in iPhone which crashes the device when a user plays a video. The said iPhone freezing video which was discovered by EverythingApplPro is said to slow down the iPhone until it crashes when played in a Safari browser

 All versions of iOS dating back to iOS5 are affected by this crash. The video is a short .mp4 clip of someone standing by a bed with the words "Honey" written across the screen.
“After playing the clip, affected iPhones will remain usable for a couple of minutes before growing more sluggish and eventually crashing altogether. ” a post by Telegraph read.
 iPhone users observed that the video crashes their device even when part of the video is played. So far, it is not clear if the video infects the device with a malicious bug.

 Other similar bugs that affected the iPhone in the past were able to restart or crash Apple devices and there were problems in receiving text messages, changing the settings on the iPhone or even clicking on the link

  Here's a little tip to get rid of the problem if you mistakenly opened the video.
To fix this, you can simply fix your iPhone by performing a hard reboot. 
For iPhone 7 model:
Hold the power and volume down(-) buttons and when the Apple logo appears, release the buttons and your iPhone would restart normally.

For other models of iPhone:
Press and hold the home and power buttons simultaneously for at least 10seconds till the Apple logo appears on the screen then release the buttons for your device to restart.

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