How to take partial screenshot on your Android device

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 Have you ever been in a situation whereby you wanted to take a screenshot capturing just a particular spot on your android devices? Well i would assume yes because you are reading this post either because you have been in need of it or you are reading this post out of curiosity.

 Today i will put you through this process with an app called "Screenshot Crop & Share". Screenshot Crop & Share lets users to screenshot their device screen and then capture any part of the screen that they feel is important. A user can draw and do other things like blur the picture

How to use Screenshot Crop & Share
1. First click here to download the app from Google Play store
2. Install and open the app
3. Now when you open the app, you will be taken through a quick introduction on how to use the app and you will have to grant the app permission.

4. Navigate to any part of your phone to take screenshot using the regulator way you use in taking screenshots (most android phones take screenshot using the power + volume button while some combine power + volume + home key button to take screenshots)

5. When you have taken the screenshot, you will see some blue icons appear towards the right of your phone. Now from the list of blue icons, the first icon allows you to edit and select a portion of the screenshot that you have taken.

   The Second icon is a share button which you can use to share the screenshot to maybe your gmail, cloud account or social media profile or page.
   The third icon is for deleting the screenshot.
   The fourth icon is for saving the screenshot.
   The fifth is cancel.

6.  To edit and crop the part of the screenshot that you need, simply click on the first icon which has a pencil symbol and then adjust the grid to pick out the part that you will need.

There are so many features on this app such as the blur future(paid), Text recognition(paid) and others.

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