Apple Store gets robbed in 12 Seconds!

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 Apple has witnessed an increased heist on their stores in the past couple weeks.

  Some weeks ago, an Apple store in the fourth Street in Berkeley, California was robbed 3 times in just 9 days! According to the video footage released, the robbers strolled into the store and then quickly grabbed whatever Apple products that their hands could reach.

 Last week, the San Francisco Police Department released a video footage which showed similar robbery incident but this time in another Apple store at Bay area on Chestnut street in San Francisco. The video footage show two separate robberies carried out on the same store between November 25 and 29.

 The first robbery which occurred on November 25 at 5:40pm had three men all putting on hoodies and they walked into the store, grabbed what ever Apple products they could and dashed out. This robbery lasted only for 12 secs.

 In the second robbery still at the same store, four walked into the Apple store all putting on hooded dress and just as the first, they robbers quickly grabbed what they could dashed out side the store as customers and workers watched helplessly. This second robbery happened on the 29th of November, just 4 days from the first incidence and this time it took the robbers 13 secs to perform their acts.

 So far the San Francisco Police Department has said no arrest has been made in connection to the robbery.

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