Malware creators and Hackers to face 10 Year jail term in Russia

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  Russian lawmakers have proposed a bill that would see hackers and Cyber criminals who have created malicious software that targets Russia infrastructure face jail term. In the bill, the creator(s) of the malicious software would face jail term even if they had no part in an attack.
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 The new bill which introduced criminal punishment for h*ckers proposed amendments to the Russian criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code. The bill which can be seen on the Russian government's website was titled,"Illegal influence upon the critical information infrastructure of the Russian Federation".

 Suspects that are found as part of any h*cking operation will face a fine between 500,000 and 1 Million rubles (about $7,700 to $15,400) and might face up to 5 years in imprisonment even if harm was done or not. However when the attack causes grievous harm, the attacker(s) could face up to 10 years jail term.

 More still, h*ckers that gained unauthorized access to protected data will have to pay a penalty of up to 2 Million rubles (Approximately $31,000) and might still face up to 5 years of hard labour and 6 years imprisonment.
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The bill was raised not too long after Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an updated doctrine on Russia's Information Security which is aimed at Reinforcing the country's sovereignty, It infrastructure, maintaining Political and social stability and many other things.

 So far, the new bill which introduces all these punishments for h*ckers has been submitted to the state Duma, the lower house of the Russian Parliament.

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