Iran Cyber Police arrests Hackers that breached Computer systems of Jewel Stores and carted away $10,000

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 Some Iranian hackers who were suspected of breaching the computer systems of 90 gold and jewelry shops  and stealing over $10,000 in the capital city of Tehran have been arrested, reports IRNA news agency.
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 Reports by the Police said the h*ckers had access to the data on the banking transactions of the gold shops.
According to Colonel Mohammed Mehdi Kakvan, the commander of Tehran cyber Police, "The suspects used (a) USB flash drive(s) to break into the computer systems of the gold shops and used the key logger malicious software, the Colonel said.

"The affected gold shops had failed to install and upgrade proper security software on the computers, which helped the hackers," he added.
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 The Colonel stressed that the breach could have been prevented only if the owners had installed anti-virus software and kept them upgrade.

Data breach, Iranian h*ckers arrested for data and computer breach

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