China declares unauthorized VPN services illegal, Tighten Great Firewall

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 China has begun preparation for a 14-month-long campaign to sweep out services that help in bypassing the government's internet censorship.

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According to the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the new directive that forbids the operation of Virtual Private Network (VPNs) or leased lines that allows business and private individuals from accessing blocked websites overseas with out the permission of the government.

  The new regulations is to be enforced between now and March 2018 and the Chinese authorities will began inspection of cloud hosting and content delivery services, which the ministry described to be in a "disorderly development" state.

 Under the new directive, data centres, content distribution networks and all Internet Service Providers (ISP) must be licensed with the government and at the same time, they must also perform self-inspections from time to time to check for any unlawful activity on their servers.

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 The Chinese government has always wanted to have a firm control over its domestic internet and prevent its citizen from accessing contents out side the walls of China. With over 731 million internet users in China, the government would do any thing possible to monitor what information those users are accessing.

 Foreign and some domestic companies in China use to employ the service of VPNs to access blocked websites site like Google, Facebook and other sites so as to be able to perform some of their business transactions. The Chinese government, in response to this blocked access to VPNs.

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