Shad0w Security hacker, @Sc0rp10nGh0s7 hacks the server of the National Aids Research Institute NARI (India), dumps archive online

Pappi Hex

 A hacker who goes by the alias @Sc0rp10nGh0s7 last week broke into the server of the National Aids Research Institute NARI (India) and accessed more than 1 GB archive of over a dozen HIV test results.
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  According to SecurityAffairs, the hacker who is part of the Shad0w Security crew told them that the aim of the hack was to prove that security staffs at the National Aids Research Institute NARI (India) were lackadaisical in protecting such sensitive information. The hacker went on to say that  they released just a portion of the compromised data as proof since their purpose is not to hurt the people but the government..

  The hacker went on to say that he also breached an internal server of the organisation and noticed that the admin likes to put username and password in a text file, though he also said that the institute had a good security system.
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 The Shad0w Security crew have been known for breaching of databases belonging to governments of any nation with the aim of exposing their activities. In August 2016,  the group hacked the Paraguay's Secretary of National Emergency (SNE) website and leaked a dump from a PostgreSQL database.

 In November 2016, another hacker in the Shad0w Security crew who goes by the alias of Shad0wS3C hacked the Institute of the Regional Function of the State Mexico (FREM) and dumped the data online.

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