You can now unlock your Facebook account with a USB drive

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 Facebook has always been keen in ensuring that its users gets the best security features with much availability of choice to suite any of its users.

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  Following the steps of Google, Dropbox, GitHub and Salesforce, this week Facebook introduced a physical security key feature which enables any Facebook user to log into his or her account using a USB stick.

 This security feature offers a superior level of security protection and at the same time reduces the rate of phishing or man-in-the-middle attacks due to the physical key rather than SMS verification.

 So far, Facebook says that Security Keys logins only work with certain web browsers and mobile devices. To add a security key from your computer, you will need the latest version of Chrome or opera. As of now, key logins aren't available for the mobile version of Facebook app though Facebook says that users with NFC-capable android device with the latest version of chrome and google authenticator installed, can use an NFC-capable key to log in from their mobile website.

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 Facebook says that they are working with firefox so as to make the browser support U2F, which is the standard that makes the key security feature work.

You can click here to get the simple steps in enabling a security key

Facebook new security feature, Security second level authenticator 

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