Dutch Police arrests hacker for hacking over 20,000 online users and using their credentials

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  Dutch police have arrested a Dutch developer who has been illegally accessing accounts of over 20,000 users via backdoors he built on their websites.
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 The hacker who is yet to be named, was arrested by the police on July 11, 2016 at a hotel in Zwolle, the Netherlands, and police also raided two homes belonging to the hacker.

  According to the Dutch police, they first received tips regarding the hackers actions back in November 2014, when a user complained that someone else made purchases on his behalf.

 Police reports says that the suspect who is 35-Years-old have been hired by various companies to build e-commerce sites. After doing his job, the developer then leaves a backdoor in those websites which he installs various scripts that allows him to collect different information on the sites users.
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Authorities says that the hacker used those people credential to access their social media accounts and mails, made purchase online and also signed up on gambling sites using his victims funds. 

 The suspect is under investigation over 140 cases and he remains in jail after his arrest last year October. Victims of the hack includes both single individual and businesses.

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