Ranwomware: LA College forced to pay Cyber-Criminals $28,000 to unlock its compromised servers

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 A School in Los Angeles has been forced to pay $28,000 ransonware after h*chers compromised its network. 
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 According to the school independent newspaper site, the Valley star.  Los Angeles Community College District were forced to pay close to $30,000 when h*ckers broke into the school servers seizing all messaging, email and files. The hackers then gave the school 7 days to make payment so as to get the unlock key or risk losing all the data on the server.

 Here's an excerpt from the valley star;

 Hackers recently broke into Valley College's Servers seizing file, email and messaging systems and are requesting them for almost $30,000.

 The cyber attackers left the college a note on one of its server' X-drives, requesting the money to be paid by BitCoin.

 "You have 7 days to send us the BitCoin after 7 days we will remove your private keys and it's impossible to recover your files," said the ransom note that appeared on the college's servers six days ago.

 The h*ckers even made notes to detail the process of payment on how to buy BitCoins and make the payments, which the school eventually did and the got the key to unlock their data.
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 So far the college has confirmed that investigation is ongoing and no data breach has been identified.

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