UK largest hosting firm 123-Reg hit with massive DDoS attack

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 123-Reg domain registrar has become the latest victim of a DDoS attack shutting off its users access to their email accounts as well as websites.
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 The domain registrar which is the largest in the UK, went on to Twitter to announce the attack. 

 Last year, 123-Reg suffered two major DDoS attacks. The first DDoS attack on the domain registrar took place in April while the second took place in August and this time it was hit with a massive 30Gps DDoS junk which sunk the site.
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DDoS attacks increased massively last year when some hackers released the dreaded Mirai source code online. Not long long after the release, several websites went under attack and at a stage top sites in the world were shut off from the internet. OVH hosting, krebs and a host of other suffered from this attack. Click here to read more.

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