This New WhatsApp virus would hack your Phone, Bank details and Credentials

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 Hackers have created a new virus which auto-hacks users banking passwords and credentials and its being distributed around messaging platforms, but primarily targeted at WhatsApp users.  

 The virus is said to be distributed through two files under the names: NDA (National Defense College) and NIA (National Investigation Agency) . They are said to come with different kind of messages which is meant to lure WhatsApp users to download the files.

 Once the use clicks on any of the files, the virus automatically extract personal details of the user such as Credentials, banking passwords, pins and logins, and other information that would aid the hacker in whatever purpose they are in pursuit of

 The hacker(s) try to lure victims by naming the files name like “NDA-ranked-8th-toughest-College-in-the-World-to-get-in.xls” and “NIA-Selection-order-.xls”.

 WhatsApp users worldwide are exposed to the attack but Economic Times India believes the attack is primarily targeted at the Indian Populace, most especially Indian security personnel.

  According to the Economic Times India, the NIA and NDA are very popular organisations in India as well as abroad and so the high level of curiosity would make people fall victim.
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  The India military has for some time suffered online attacks. Sometime ago Google removed an Android app "SmeshApp" from the Playstore after receiving complaints from the Indian governments that Hackers from Pakistani were using the app to spy on the Indian military. Last year, TrendMicro an IT security firm exposed Pakistan linked hackers targeting military officials through a spear-phishing mechanism.   

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