UK Police to snoop on Citizens while browsing: Here is how to protect yourself

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 The Snoopers' Charter act makes it mandatory for ISPs' (Internet Service Providers) to keep log of all your online activities in case government officials need it. Data logged from your device include all the websites that you visits, online purchase and transactions, your social media activities like your WhatsApp, Facebook, SnapChat etc and hoard of other online activities. The UK government claims that the bill was passed so as to conquer terrorism and organised crimes in the UK. 

 The UK government sounds convincing but i stand to disagree. There are so many disadvantages to this act. First i have to state that privacy is of utmost importance to every human being. Data breaches has increased greatly within the last two years and 2016 can testify to this. Some data breaches takes a very long time to be discovered and even patched up. Internet giant Yahoo had this same issue and it took them 3 years to discover that over 1billion user credentials were in the hands of hackers due to a security flaw. Other internet giants also suffered similar fate though not as fatal as Yahoo.

 What happens when a hacker discovers a security flaw on one of these ISP networks and takes advantage of it. What happens when there is a data breach? Would they create a fake profile of you and then use it to defraud your friends? or maybe even blackmail you! the thoughts are endless. The simply solution to this is to protect and cloak your online activities by using a powerful and trusted VPN to prevent unforeseen tragedies.

 How to Protect yourself
To bypass this new law, internet users would have to get the services of a VPN (Virtual Private Network). In a simple sentence, a VPN encrypts and hides your online activities from snoopers, hackers and even internet censorship from your ISP. With a VPN, you don't have to worry about your government snooping or your ISP logging your online activities.

 Below are a list of well trusted VPN services that will help bypass this new law. These VPNs offer very affordable monthly subscription to users the subscription can be used on multiple devices like your iPad, iPhone, your Android device, PC, Mac and even your home Router to protect the whole house! 

4. HideMyAss VPN:

5.Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN)

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