This Single text message will crash your iPhone!

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A new bug flaw discovered in the iPhone lets a single text of message to crash the iPhone messaging app on any iPhone device including the iPad.

 The bug makes it impossible to read text messages or iMessages from the Apple device. Even when the Apple device is closed or reboot, the flaw keeps crashing the app.  

The Cause?
When a vCard (a transferable Address book contact) containing so many lines of code is sent to an iPhone user, the message app tries to open the message containing the vCard and then it freezes and displays a white screen.

According to Vincedes3, the message app (by structure) always try to open the most recent text message on the phone even when the phone is rebooted helps aggravate the phone to keep crashing.

"When you click, iOS want to read the text, the text in the file is very complicated for the system and causes a CPU average: the app freeze. You close the app, want to reopen but iOS want to reload the previous message but cant because its the vcf file" the blog read.

iPhone users having this problem can easily resolve this by asking a friend to send them a text message. Once the user receives the new text message, the message app can read the new message which would then give way for the malicious message to be deleted.  


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