Hamas Militants uses Fake Facebook profile to target and infect Israeli Soldiers with Malware

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 Israeli soldiers have been tricked into downloading malware on their phones by members of the Hamas Palestinian militant who disguised as women, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) said.
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 According to the Israeli Defense Force, members of the Israeli soldiers were receiving a large number of Facebook friend requests by Hamas Palestinian militant disguising as beautiful women. When the soldier accepts the friend request, the Hamas agent would then start up a conversation with the soldier and soon then begin to exchange photos.

 As the relationship progresses, the Hamas agent would then ask for a video chat with the soldier but when ever the soldier places a video call to the girl, she would keep on complaining that the application isn't working for her until she would then suggest to the soldier to download a app called "wowo".

 The moment the soldier installs the app on his device, his phone would be immediately contaminated with spyware which would then allow the Hamas agent to extract information to use and track their movements.

 One thing was common in all the attacks; The moment the soldier installs the wowo app and his device gets compromised, the Hamas agent would immediately delete all form of commuincation with the soldier.
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 In the past, Hamas have used similar method to trick soldiers, but this time they invited the soldiers on a date where the soldier is then ambushed, kidnapped and sometimes killed.

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