This Android Super Bike has a 4gb ram - Quadcore processor

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 The Le Syvrac is a smart mountain Bike that is made by LeEco, formarly known as Letv. The Le Syvrac runs a version of Google's Android OS on a 4-inch screen and has many features that are typically associated with a car. Scroll below for more.

 Powered by a quad-core processor with a 4gb ram, the android built in device can be used for other purposes too. The screen is secured using a finger print sensor which also locks the bike to prevent anyone from riding away on it. Though there's no chance of the wheels locking if the smart system runs out of power.

 One cool features of the smart bike worth noting are the lasers. The lasers are automatically turned on when the front light and rear lights are powered on. The laser beams paint a parallel line on the road running down either side of the bike, about two feet out from the pedals. LeEco's idea is to help drivers judge passing maneuvers and also to show the minimum amount of space the rider needs.

 The android device is powered by a battery that can be charged using a battery pack(charger) or when the rider is cycling, the wheel-mounted power system charges the battery. The built in android device on the bike shows the road speed, navigation and fitness statistics provided by sensors mounted underneath the hand grip of the bike. On the top tube of the bike bar that runs from underneath the seat to the handle bars are three buttons: One for the front and rear lights and the other for the camera.

 For music lovers, the bike has a loud speaker to keep the rider entertained, controls of the music are beneath the hand grip. The LeEco Le Syvrac is on sale in China and can be gotten between $800 and $6,000.

Android super Bike LeEco Le Syvrac, Smart Android Bike

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