Samsung Galaxy S 7 camera still better than the much hyped iphone 7 plus camera

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 This might come as a surprise to the iOS fans that their beloved iPhone 7 specifications and camera  can't match that of the Samsung Galaxy S7.

   According to Businessinsider who tested the two device specifications in a head-to-head shootout, said "we compared the iPhone 7 and iphone 7 plus cameras - among the most-hyped features on the new Apple phones - with the Samsung Galaxy S 7's camera, and found that the S 7 still comes out on top".

 They went on to say,"the iPhone — now much closer to the Galaxy on specs — can't quite keep up. The differences aren't overwhelming, but they're significant."

  Businessinsider didn't condemn the iPhone as they praised it for its new features which isn't present on any device yet, "the iPhone 7 Plus has some talents the S7 doesn't. A telephoto lens is a big deal because it adds a whole new kind of photographic capability not present on any other device."

Click here to read more on Businessinsider

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