Say hello to Google Allo: a smarter messaging app

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  Today Google released its much awaited smart messaging app, Google Allo for Android and iOS. Google Allo helps the user to make plans, find information and lets the user express him/herself more in chats.

 The app comes equipped with so many features but below are a few:
Smart Reply:
Smart reply help assists the user in responding to messages without typing a single word. Smart Reply learns over time and suggests responses to text and photos, in your style.

Introducing the Google Personal Assistant
Google Allo offers the user the Google Assistant, a platform in which users can search for nearby restaurant, share videos to watch right on the conversation with friends. @google can also be added to a one on one chat or even to conversations with your Assistant.
 Incognito mode
  In this mode users can messages with end-to-end encryption. The purpose of this is to keep users chats more discreet and the user can control how long the messages stick around until it expires.

 SHOUT or whisper
No more typing in ALL CAPS to get your point across. Say it louder or quieter by changing the size of your text with a quick swipe.

Stickers and Ink
Ink lets you to doodle on photos you send to friends or even adding text on them. Stickers on the Google Allo are designed by independent artists and studios from around the world and they come in different forms thereby giving you a wide range of choices. 
 Read more and also download the app here

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