How To Send Blank Messages On Your WhatsApp

Pappi Hex

 I was chatting with someone on WhatsApp when we began to challenge ourselves. He did different tricks and I too challenged him with the ones that I knew but he silenced me when he sent me a blank message and I couldn't repeat or challenge him with something better.

 Today I will show you guys this trick on how to send a blank message on WhatsApp. You can use this trick to prank your friends or family members and watch them as they complain that their phone is eating up their WhatsApp messages. Follow the below procedures and enjoy the prank.

1. Click here to download an app called Noword (Android users)
2. Install the app and open it
3. When you open the app, you will see the button that says send
4. Tap on the button and you will be prompted to select the app to send the message. 
5. Now tap on the app you want to if its WhatsApp, SMS or Messenger. Now tap on your WhatsApp and then the app will take you to your WhatsApp contact list.
6. From the list of your WhatsApp contact, select the contact that you want to message and then tap the send button. The person that you sent the message will then receive a notification that there's a new message. When they opens it, the sent message would be blank like no message was sent at all.

 On your own device, the time that you sent the message would still be there with the double mark although they wont turn blue.

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