How to use increase your PC RAM with a USB drive

You have a pretty decent PC which runs on a very small amount of RAM. You might have noticed that when ever you want to run big applications like the Camstasia studio or adobe Photoshop, your computer system might take like maybe 15 secs just to call up such applications while other systems with bigger RAMs might take just 2 secs to perform the same task. 
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 Imagine if you were to run 3 of those apps at the same time, your PC would be crawling like a snail and you might even end up punching your system due to frustration.

 Today i would be teaching you guys on how to increase the RAM size of your computer system so that you can enjoy the experience of having a bigger RAM. In this tutorial, we would be making use of a USB drive (Flash drive) to increase our RAM size. Follow the below procedures and increase the RAM size of your system.

1. A USB drive (Flash drive) of any size but not less than 1gb of size
2. A Computer system
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1. Insert your USB drive to your computer system and format it
2. Next right click on your USB drive and then select properties
3. Select "ReadyBoost" among the options
4. Click on "Use this device" option and then click on apply

5. Now you should restart your computer for the effect to take place.

Note: It is recommended to keep at least 300-500mb free space while adjusting the size of memory. You can still buy additional RAM to your system if you still want to and discard this method.


  1. It doesn't work... It still display my old memory

  2. I really wana thank you for providing such informative and qualitative material so often.


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