Raid: XP Psiphon 2017 free unlimited Internet trick on Vodacom Mozambique for Android, iPhone and PC

Pappi Hex

  The free internet Raid is on for 2017 and first we would be heading over to Mozambique to release our first free internet trick for this year.

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 This free internet trick is for Vodacom Mozambique and it was browsing unlimited as of the time of this post.  Users on Android, iPhone and PC can benefit from this free internet trick. Android users can enjoy the connection direct with the use of XP Psiphon while PC and iPhone users will have to install android emulators on their device to also benefit from this unlimited free internet trick.

 I employ the use of XP Psiphon because its very easy to use. No technical knowledge is required for you to also benefit from this free internet trick, all that is needed is just the simple steps below!


1. Android phone, iPhone or PC

2. A Vodacom Mozambique simcard
3. XP Psiphon V.5 (important)
4. You sim card should not have any call credit or data so that you can attest to this trick!
5. Patience for the connection!
6. Please comment below and share the post!
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1. Click here to download XP Psiphon V.5 for android
2. Click here to download the configuration for Vodacom
3. Install the app and then open it
4. Click on the left top icon to reveal a list of selection
5. Now scroll down and click on clear settings
6. After clearing the settings, go and select "import configuration"
7. From your downloaded items, search for the configuration that you downloaded and then it to upload.
8. Now click on connect and wait for it connect. When it does, minimize the XP Psiphon and start enjoying free unlimited internet trick!

Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only! You are responsible for any of your actions, only posts such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities.


Free internet trick for January 2017, Free 3g trick for unlimited internet

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  1. If it was a South African free internet trick u would already be looking at over 10 comments

    1. True that.. South africans are very hands on and appreciative

  2. the trick is awesome..... Most appriciated

  3. whats about the south africa?

  4. Good work as always but Pappi can you please release Cell C Unlimited trick on XP Psiphone V7.

  5. The previous post pappi said he might stop providing tricks for a region he has been providing of late,as of late he has been updating for us s africans, so maybe he will stop updating for us, papi do u have tutorials on creating xp files?

  6. wow thats very sad for us what are we gonna do without pappis work I'm really going to miss his updates very sad indeed

  7. think we all need to move to another region

  8. think we all need to move to another region

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. He said he might and hw do url knw he is talking abt SA��

  11. Greetings I followed the instructions above but it keeps searching for server and never connects any advice? I'm using Sony xperia xz with nougat 7.0

  12. I am from mozambique and it really works...

  13. funciona bem
    it works well in moz
    I wanna thank u 4everything
    because J am happy

  14. Hi can I have ur email or whatsapp for some doubt explanation I'm from moz

  15. papi hex this trick is no longer working for me, in mozambique broh...


  17. Nice article bro.. really i have to bookmark this blog for rss feeds.. i am from

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