Google and other search engines to block Torrent queries in search results

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  Internet users would soon find it difficult to get search results on torrents related category  such as Piratesbay, Kickass Torrents and other torrents related sites.

 According to a blog post published by TorrentFreak, the UK's Intellectual Property Office is working with entertainment firms and search engines to reach an agreement that would see them tackle piracy. This means that search engines would block any url or search query that  points to pirated contents online.  

“The search engines involved in this work have been very co-operative, making changes to their algorithms and processes, but also working bilaterally with creative industry representatives to explore the options for new interventions, and how existing processes might be streamlined,” said the parliamentary Baroness Buscombe.
 Baroness Buscombe went on to say that all parties involved are keen to sign up for the voluntary agreement 

"All parties have agreed that the code should take effect, and the targets in it be reached, by 1 June this year," the Baroness added.

 By June 1, this year, search engines would start to block queries looking for pirated contents online, all thanks to the UK government which has played a major role between search engines and entertainment firms to join the fight against online piracy.

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