Iraqi group of hackers called Pro_Mast3r defaces a Trump website

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  A group of hackers who calls themselves "pro_Mast3r" on Sunday defaced a website associated with Donald Trump's presidential campaign fundraising.

 The website was hosted on the server that is managed by the cloudflare content management and security platform.

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  According to Arstechnica, that website is not directly linked from the Trump Pence campaign's home page but does appear to be an actual trump campaign server that uses a legitimate certificate, "but a reference to an image on another site is insecure, prompting a warning on chrome and Firefox that the connection is not secure," arstechica said.

 The hackers displayed an image of a man in a fedora and the following text on the defaced page:

Hacked By Pro_Mast3r ~
Attacker Gov
Nothing Is Impossible
Peace From Iraq
 The source code of the page when analyzed revealed the presence of a link to a javascript on a nonexistent Google account under the code name, 'masterendi', an account that has been involved in the hack of other websites. The script is a snow animation script and doesn't include any malicious component. 

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 What's strange in the hack is that the java script the attackers used was no more available in the wild. includes several instances of the link at this specific javascript, but they are no more active since 2015.  

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