Anonymous Hackers declares open war on Donald Trump, Dumps White House direct phone line on the web

Pappi Hex

 Hack group Anonymous has decleared war on the U.S President-elect Donald Trump, threatening to expose his dubious ties with the Russian mobsters, Child traffickers and money launderers.
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 According to a statement the group posted on Pastebin, the group urged called on every individual to join the campaign and put an end to the "tyranny of trump."

 “We appeal to the international community of all origins and ideologies, of all social strata and religions, to resist the madness that emanates from the United States,” the group said, beginning its campaign under the hashtag #BDStheUS. The hack group promised to make the President regret the next 4 years.

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However, the group of h*ckers did not cite any evidence to back its claim nor did they reveal how they plan to expose Trump, though they began by publishing direct phone numbers of staffs at the white house.
Last year 2016, the group waged a cyber war against Donald Trump by shutting down his personal website and threatened to reveal information that trump had in his closets.

 Donald Trump is yet to respond to any of the allegations made by Anonymous. .

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