How to enable guest mode on any android phone

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 Your Android device is your personal gadget which holds so many information about you, information which you wouldn’t want not just any body to access.  Some people have this odd habit of trying to access other people’s private contents. Leave them with your device for just 5mins; they would open your WhatsApp, Telegram, messenger and other social media apps on your device and read all the messages. Some might even go the extra mile snooping on other things.  

The solution to this is to enable guest mode on your android phone, not minding the version of android phone. This guest mode is similar to the guest mode on PC which you create for visitors accessing your PC. Guest mode enables you to regulate and control what the person other than the owner of the phone can access. Follow the below steps to create guest mode.

Note: Most Android 5+ device has an inbuilt guest mode on their device.

How to create Guest mode on Android:

1. Click here to download the app “Guest Mode
2. Install the app and open it
3. Select the apps that you want your guests to access for a limited period
4. Next, click on the + symbol to sign in.
5. Once you are signed in, you will see the apps that are installed on your device.
6. Now select the ones that you want to protect and then apply.
7. Click on the next arrow and then set your timer.

Users with root priviledge can download Switchme

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