Netherlands Teen Hackers punishes 7 Indian embassies for ignoring security flaws

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 Teen h*ckers from Netherlands under the alias of kapuskiy and Kasimierz on Monday 7/11/2016 embarked on a disciplinary war on Indians high commissions official websites in 7 countries for lackadaisical attitude towards site security.
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 The h*ckers who referred to themselves as "grey hats", posted on twitter of their exploits on the Indian websites. The teen h*ckers breached the security of the official websites of the Indian missions in South Africa, Libya, Malawi, Mali, Italy, Switzerland and Romania then went online and dumped the whole database which contained confidential information on pastebin, though it didn't take long before the site admin deleted it.

 The Indian high Commissions site in South Africa was the first to be h*cked followed by embassies in Switzerland and Italy. Confidential information such as contact information, admin login details, names, email addresses, staffer's passport numbers were made public on pastebin site.

 Reason for the attack? According to hindustantimes, the h*ckers blamed the attack on the poor security state of the websites stating that such important sites housing the Indian Embassies ought to have a better security.
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“The websites have a SQL vulnerability. Even a six-year-old could breach it,” Kapustkiy one of the h*ckers was quoted to say.
“It’s not hard to fix it. You just have to be aware of such things because most of the time you want to contact them and saying that they have vulnerabilities, they just ignore you,” he concluded.

 Kasimierz the second h*cker said that the data breach carried out would force admins of other sites to pay attention, patch up their site and prevent further data breaches. 

 The Indian external affair ministry released an official statement saying current investigations were been held into the matter and then gave assurance that they were going to resolve it.

Kapustkiy claimed to be in possession of more data, such as addresses and more passport numbers, but choose not to make them public.

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