UK orders WhatsApp to stop sharing user data with Facebook

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 All the drama began back in April 2016 when WhatsApp began sharing users data with Facebook, drawing privacy and security concerns.
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  After much debate among users in the UK, the Information Commissioner’s Office who spent eight weeks probing the privacy policy by Facebook has finally ordered Facebook to put a stop to collection on WhatsApp in the UK, hinting that Facebook didn't get a “valid consent” from users before sharing their data.  Facebook has temporarily put its data sharing with WhatsApp on hold.

 Facebook's decision to share users data with WhatsApp has sparked a lot of concern. In Asia, an Indian court ordered WhatsApp to stop sharing users data with Facebook. In Europe, Germany also followed suite and gave WhatsApp orders to stop collecting user data and sharing with Facebook. They also ordered Whatsapp to delete all its users information it already had in its data base.
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 Twenty eight data protection authorities in the European Union (EU) are also requesting asking WhatsApp to stop sharing users data with Facebook. Right now, Facebook is said to be working with local regulators.

 WhatsApp says that they are using this to help fight spam in WhatsApp and also increase user experience, assuring that all messages sent to and fro between users are all encrypted.

Facebook stops data sharing with WhatsApp in the UK, WhatsApp ban

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