15 Year-old boy sues Mom, demands she goes to jail for seizing his iPhone

Pappi Hex

Smartphone addiction is one of the downsides of advancement in technology which is affecting people from all walks of life. This problem is not age selective as seen in this post.

 A 15 year-old boy has sued his mother to court and demanded that she be sent to jail for nine months and also pay his legal costs, reason for this? the mother seized his iPhone to enable him study more.

 According to La De Ameria, the incident which happened Feb.28 prompted some displeasure with the 15-year-old boy who then sued his mom for mistreatment.

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 However, a ruling by the magistrate on Tuesday said that the mom had acted in a manner entirely consistent with her parental authority adding that her actions weren't extreme.

"She would not be a responsible mother if she allowed her son to be distracted by the mobile phone  and fail to study," the judge local media reports.

 Last year a similar event also happened in Australia when a teen sued her parents for posting her childhood pictures on Facebook.


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