12 Million hacked account credentials for sale on Dark Web

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 A seller in the darkweb who goes by the online alias of "doubleflag" has placed a trove of over 12 million accounts credentials from 11 separate crytocurrency forums for sale for a fee of 0.3817 BTCs ($400).

 The vendor claims that the hacked database includes records dating to 2011 to 2017 and those records includes email addresses, usernames, phone numbers, location, date of birth and IP addresses of the users.

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 The vendor is marketing the trove of stolen credentials as a package deal and says anyone can buy the leaked data. Contents that make up the trove comes from compromised cryptocurrency forums such as BitvoinTalk, MtGox, bitcoinsec and BTC-E. Others for sale includes Brazzers, GTAGaming, Dota2, Whois, Paddy Power, Experian, Xhamster, Lastfm and CDProjekRed. Datasets containing US voter records are also part of the publication.

 The darkweb is mostly referred by people as a place where all sort of illegal services and activities are carried out. From the sale of illegal drugs, guns, illegal service for hire, stolen databases and anything other thing that you think is marketable on the web, one can get it there as long as you know where to go and have the cryptocurrency to pay for it.

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  Online security should never be taken for granted. Everyone is vulnerable to any form of attack and so it is advisable to always use a VPN while surfing the web whether be it on PC or your mobile phone. Changing of your password frequently and also the use of complex characters to make up your password is advisable. Remember to always use the incognito mode to browse on PC that aint yours.

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