Kenyan Hacker breaks into KRA, steals $39m

Pappi Hex

  An IT expert in Kenya has been charged with hacking into the country's tax authority and stealing $39m, local media reports.

  The suspect, Alex Mutunga Mutuku, 28, is accused of belonging to a syndicate of electronic fraudsters who specializes in stealing money from various institutions and companies in the country. However, he denies all the charges labelled on him, the Standard newspaper reports.

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  According to State prosecutor, Edwin Okello, Alex has been working with an international network and is involved in many cases of stealing money from several state bodies.

 "It is a case of remote control hacking where the suspects operate smoothly with their machines and the next minute you realize you have no money in your account," said Okello.

 "The information we have is just a tip of the iceberg. the racket is big and involves people outside the country."

 The Kenyan government says that the suspect operates with other members of the group who are from the United States and other countries, of which some of them are police officers and civil servants.

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  Alex Mutunga Mutuku was arrested in 2015 for breaking into the country's largest telecommunication network, Safaricom, and stealing airtime worth $150. In 2014, he was also accused of hacking into the system of a local bank. The suspect is also known for posting his lavish lifestyle on social media networks. His trial will continue on march 28.

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  1. We must always use VPN while hacking so DAT the police cannot tr*c* us that's true I am right pappi ??

    1. Yes you are right but at the same time, not all hacks attracts the Police. You could be a whitehat, Blackhat, Greyhat or even Redhat.

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