Mexican Billboard hacked and defaced with Porn Video

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 Hackers in Mexico, hacked a digital advertising board belonging to Grupo Carteleras to display a pornographic video.

The digital advertising board which is located on a very busy road in Mexico was hacked on Friday. The Porn video which was displayed for a few minutes showed a woman using an electronic toy on herself.

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 However, it must be noted that the porn video appeared on the billboard with a TeamViewer warning tab which suggests that someone "may" have been using using TeamViewer to display the video from the control room. One thing was for sure, the operating system was Microsoft Windows while the browser could be either Internet Explorer or Edge.

Grupo Carteleras have acknowledged the hack and in a tweet, they said "We publicly denounce the computer attack of one of our screens #Periferico and understand the discomforts this can cause for passersby."

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News of the hack went viral as passerby stop to take photos, videos to post on social media platforms.

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