MTN XP Psiphon free unlimited internet trick for Congo

Pappi Hex
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 Today i will take you guys to Congo where we will be looking at MTN Congo. It took me quite sometime to pull this trick off not because it was difficult but due to some funny challenges. Well now we are here.

Todays free internet trick is for those on the MTN network in Congo. This trick browses and downloads for free on both PC and android with the aid of XP psiphon VPN. Those who wants to benefit are required to download XP Psiphon V7, get the configuration and boom! your are blazing on the MTN super fast network. Those on 4G will enjoy this trick more.

 Those in Uganda and Botswana should hook me up on Telegram for some stuff. So guys, to benefit from this trick simply follow the below write-up.

1. An MTN Congo Simcard 
2. An Android device or PC
3. XP Psiphon app version 7, any other version apart from 7 wont work with the configurations.
4. The configuration files

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1. First click here to download XP Psiphon v7 for android
2. Click any of the links below to download the  free internet configuration
    Link1 download     Link2 download
3. Install the app and then open it
4. Click on the top right icon
5. Click on config and then select import
6. From your downloaded items, search for the configuration that you downloaded and then click on it to upload. 
7. When you are done uploading, then click on connect to start enjoying free unlimited internet on Vodafone network!

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Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only! You are responsible for any of your actions, Techfoe only drop such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities.

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  1. Hey papi the files are in fileice im unable to download them help please

  2. Fileice? C'mon pappi, get serious.

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