Pro Pakistani hackers defaces 10 Indian Universities websites

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 Pakistani based hackers under the alias of "PHC Pakistani l33t w4s h3r3" on Tuesday hacked and defaced the official websites of 10 Indian Universities, NDTV reports.

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  According to NDTV, the hack group claimed the attack was in retalaition to attacks carrid out on a Pakistani railway ministry website and also in solidarity with the people of Ksahmiri. The defaced websites had different messages on it. One read, "Greetings Governemnt of India, and the people of India :), this hack is in response to Code-Man's hack of and in the solidarity of innocent kashmiri People being killed by the Indian Army!"

 "Pakistan Zindabad," another message on another defaced university website read. "Just here to deliver my message to the government and the people of India", the message said while most of the message that appeared on most of the defaced pages seemed to accuse the Indian army of innocent killings in Kashmir.

 A university official in Delhi said the hackers did not deface the websites but only made changes that would redirect those visiting the sites to another web page where the messages were posted. Mean, the group has said that no data on the sites were stolen or tampered with, adding that they only intend to deliver a message to the people of India and its government.

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 The websites said to be victims of the this defacement includes Army Institute of Management and technology, Greater Noida; Defence Institute of Advanced Technology; Army Institute of Management of Kolkata, National Aerospace Laboratories and Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS), University of Kota.

 The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team in 2016 had tracked the hacking of over 33,000 Indian websites through that year and found an average of 90 websites defaced in a day. 199 of which were government sites. Indian has been witnessing an increase in Cyber-related attack each year.

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